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The Headmaster's List has an attention grabbing cover and also an intriguing blurb. I thought that the firstlook showed promise and I know that this is a favorite author for many, so I was definitely interested in reading more. It did seem like it would be a bit predictable from the start, but I was truly hoping it would be one of those stories that takes a sudden turn later on and totally surprises me in the end. Unfortunately this one did not do any such thing and I felt that it was pretty predictable like I had feared it would be. I found the story itself interesting enough, but for some reason I continuously found myself distracted and with my mind wandering off of what was happening. I do enjoy this genre quite a bit usually, so I am thinking maybe I was just not connecting to the author's writing style in this particular book or maybe it was the characters, I don't know. Either way something seemed to hold me back from completely enjoying The Headmaster's List.