Mystery started strong but lost steam.

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The Headmaster’s List starts with a bang, dropping the reader in the hospital in the aftermath of a terrible car crash. Spencer wakes up in the hospital after she’s involved in a single car, head-on crash that left a fellow classmate dead. She doesn’t remember the accident or most of the events leading up to it. Her ex-boyfriend was driving and faces a murder charge, but things aren’t adding up to Spencer.

This book tackles PTSD and addiction as Spencer starts investigating the party for clues as to what actually happened that night.

For me, the mystery wasn’t as engaging as I had hoped it would be. The book started out great but I don’t think it kept up the momentum. I figured out the basics of Spencer’s missing memories way before she did. I did like Spencer as a character. Keeping this spoiler-free I just think for me the book lost steam about halfway through.