Intrigue at exclusive high school.

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I am a bit on the fence about this one. I felt the author did a great job of capturing Spencer's feelings and what it would be like to survive a tragic car accident where she was injured an dealing with PTSD from flashbacks. One of the students in the car died in the crash, a younger very much liked young boy of 15. Since it was Spencer's boyfriend who was driving the car, Spencer's reception back at school is welcomed by some but not by others.

My issue is the beginning of the book seemed to drag on and going on from that point there was a lack of any reason to keep me reading except for the synopsis that promised a bit of intrigue. Overall, the book picked up as Spencer remembered more of what happened. .There is growth with Spencer who originally was the best and brightest at the expensive school she goes to caring about her grades and the college she had set her sight on.

For me, this was a three star book.