A whole of wowness

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The suspense and plot of this book had me on edge. I had to read this book again because it is one of my favorites.The characters were well written and I loved the cover. This was a great end of your seat thrill ride and I was here for it. I highly recommend this young adult book to people who like thriller and suspense and a hint of who did it. I really loved and enjoyed this author writing and had to try to book out. I give this book a five star rating and two thumbs up. This is a you don't want to miss this book. I like how the story flowed and gave the book a good solid plotline. The story and the characters did not feel rushed.Overall I really really enjoyed this book and was glad that I got the opportunity to read this book but one of my all time favorite authors. I might have to find other books like this one to really get over how this book ended. It was a thrill of a ride.