How badly do you want to be on the Headmaster's List?

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Spencer can’t really remember what happened that night. She has flashes of memory but those memories don’t always match what her friends tell her happened. But, she was hurt and she doesn’t really remember most of what happened. Why would anyone lie to her about what happened?

If you are on the Headmaster’s list, you have it made. You can get into the best college. The college of your dreams. Some people will do just about anything to be on that list. Even Murder?

This story is your basic high school murder mystery. Spencer is in a car accident with three other friends. One of them is killed. Her boyfriend is convicted of manslaughter and put in jail. It is a typical story about rich kids going to an elite private school. Lots of drugs, drinking, sex, etc. It seems that is what has to be in all the books these days. That is one of the things that bothers me the most about this book and others like it. Does the book really need to include so much wild partying? I get that the kids do party these days but they make it sound like they go out every night and get wasted and then they are just peachy keen the next day. It's so unrealistic.

If you look beyond all that, the story is pretty good. Some of the plot lines don’t really add up but for a quick, fun mystery, this will draw you in and keep you entertained.