Great idea but not for me

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This one deals with subject matter that is darker but the writing felt like it was aimed toward the young YA range. The audiobook does have a full cast, but it’s 90% one narrator for it. I wish there had been more from other POVs bc Spencer wasn’t my fav.

The Good:
✅ Ripley the service dog who was a very good girl. 10/10 - Ripley is by far the best character in the book.

✅ I loved the podcast element on audio, but it was a bit weird how the co-host dropped out after the first two episodes and it became mostly Payton monologuing about things.

✅ As much as I didn’t like aspects of how it was done (see repetitive note below), I did think the PTSD and mental health aspects of the book were mostly well done.

What didn’t work for me:
➖ It was very repetitive.

➖ I predicted all of the twists from early on, if you’ve read thrillers at all you will be able to see where it’s going.

➖ The characters are all written to be a little over the top and felt off age wise from what they were supposed to be.

➖ Characters would be super involved (like the bff Olive) then disappear most of the book before randomly popping back up again.