Good YA Mystery

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Spencer, Ethan, Tabby and Christopher are students at Argyle Prep, an elite private school in Los Angeles; a private school where most strive to be on the Headmaster’s List, an honor roll list that almost guarantees admission into a top-notch college. One decision, on one night, may derail all of their future plans when one of them dies in a car accident. Who was driving? Why did the car crash? What truths will be revealed? What does the future hold for those who were in the car that fateful night?

The Headmaster’s List was an enjoyable young adult mystery, although it was almost too predictable, even for a young adult novel. I really liked that it touched on some serious and relevant topics, such as underage drinking, drinking and driving, drugs and the reasons for their use and abuse, financial power and influence, school pressures, living personal truths and more, as well as many themes; love, revenge, power. Fast-paced and eventful, this novel kept me hooked even though I knew very early most of what happened on the night of the accident. The characters are relatable to many of today’s youth and I believe many young adults, as well as the less than young adults, will enjoy this novel.