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With Melissa de la Cruz it is to be expected that you’re going to love each book she pens; as I did with this latest mystery & suspense thriller. She delivers dizzying drama and anticipation of an unfolding plot with the thrilling aspect that not everyone is telling the truth, leaving us the readers; to consider almost every character as a suspect. Get ready to solve a mystery.
Right from the get-go, you’re thrust into a crime scene. The accident involves 4 teenagers, Ethan, Spencer, Chris & Tabbie, from an Elite Prep Academy in which the Porsche was driving 120 mph and crashed into a tree killing one of the students. The crash caused traumatic head injury to Spencer leaving her unable to recall the events of that night.

There are so many questions about the night leading up to the accident. All four teens were at a party where there were drinking and drugs to be had. Ethan and Spencer get into a huge fight and break up, leaving Spencer to question why she was even in his car that night.

Memories, flashbacks and nightmares are a result of the PTSD caused by the injuries that leave Spencer unable to answer the police’s questions. Now Ethan is being charged with manslaughter and his future is ruined. Spencer has consistent brief recollections that keep popping up leaving her to doubt the police’s theories and defend Ethan’s innocence.

With the help of Ethan’s best friend, Jackson, they delve deeper into the unanswered questions and the truth of that night. It seems the police are satisfied having identified Ethan as the suspect and have stopped any ongoing investigations. Spencer and Jackson find some things that raise suspicion of what actually occurred, but the police do not want to be bothered by it.

Soon Spencer and Jordan get threatening messages to back off from the case but it only makes them more determined. But then there is someone watching Spencer at home and an attempt made on her life. As memories resurface, the night is slowly revealed and this creates the biggest twist that you couldn’t possibly see coming. Get settled in for your own fast-paced read and buckle up for the shock of a lifetime.