Enjoyable but not my fav

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Spencer Sandoval wakes up in the hospital, recovering from a horrific car accident that has left one of her schoolmates dead. Spencer can't remember anything that happened in the car leading up to the crash. She does remember seeing her (now ex) boyfriend, Ethan, making out with another girl, and she remembers breaking up with him. Yet, she was still in his car to leave the party, and so were two other people who aren't even her friends. And now, one of them, Chris, is dead. As Spencer works to recall what happened that night, she is actively trying to keep her valedictorian status at an elite prep school afloat, along with maintaining her coveted spot on the Headmaster's List! (A list to help her chances at getting accepted into the top colleges.) All this sounds like the set up for a perfect, high-paced, action-packed thriller, right?

While I will say that the story progressed at a decent clip, it ended up being extremely predictable. I anticipated one of the major reveals from the very first chapter. I also felt that the end snowballed somewhat, with all these twists and reveals occurring rapidly, almost as though they were written in just for the shock value of it all.

Overall, I enjoyed the writing style, but the ending felt too rushed and did not carry the same detailing and prose that the earlier parts of the book displayed. Additionally, there were aspects that I felt could have been better researched in order to make the story more realistic (ie. the questioning form the lawyers during the court case). In general the bones of the story were set up nicely, but some parts could have been better fleshed out. With all this said, it was a 3.5 star read for me.