An Accident, A Fatality and Lives Changed Forever

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The foreshadowing in the First Look is epic, with Spencer Sandoval in the hospital unable to recall the car accident that put her there and that killed young Chris Moore. The fact that her former boyfriend Ethan was driving and has been charged with a crime is a detail that just screams “Drama!” The characters are so realistic that the scenes are like watching a show on The CW, with Spencer in the hospital and her friends back in school again. The party that she and her friends had attended was an end-of-summer one so there’s no surprise that Spencer is missing the first week of school. I’m already intrigued by “The Headmaster’s List,” apparently a list of who’s who from Armstrong Prep and including everyone in the accident except Chris, the victim. Interesting detail that entices me to read more about the lives of these young people and the list that they may be on. I also want to know more about Chris who seems popular but not totally with the “in crowd.” Enquiring minds want to know why he was in the car that wrecked to begin with. I also want to know so much more about Ethan and Spencer’s break up and the events leading up to the accident. This is a book begging to be read to find out all of the hidden secrets, especially about Peyton and her Salty podcast and why she focuses so quickly on Ethan. So much mystery…I need more!