The Tarot Card Murder

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The murder of a man left hanging inside the tunnels of a canal in Paris puts police inspector Paul Mazarelle on the trail of a killer. There’s only one clue: the tarot card of the hanged man stuffed into the breast pocket of the dead man’s jacket. It doesn’t take long for a suspect to emerge, but he is an innocent man railroaded into prison in an attempt to end the investigation.

While Commandant Mazarelle investigates, journalist Claire Girard investigates the same story. Both are seeking the Tarot Card Killer. And, in the process of his investigation, the inspector discovers a ruthless syndicate of white supremacists and an unexpected cabal of corrupt police officers.

As the killer claims more victims, secrets and conspiracies threaten Commandant Mazarelle’s life. Will he find the Tarot Card Killer or will he fall victim as well?

Set in Paris in 2002, the occasionally gruesome narrative is both compelling and intriguing. The strong sense of place and the nuanced characters give depth to the telling of the tale.

As the mystery slowly unravels, readers will find themselves drawn into the story despite the nasty undercurrent of racism that is a bit off-putting but that plays an integral part in the telling of the tale.

The sometimes-gritty story takes several surprising turns, keeping readers guessing and the pages turning until the fast-paced denouement plays out to a satisfying conclusion.