Stunning Cover and Suspenseful Story

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Stunning Cover! Although I did not realize that this is the second book in a series about Police Inspector Paul Mazarelle, this book can stand alone. Quick opening. Bastille Day 2002 is being celebrated, and Mazarelle saves the day when someone tries to assassinate President Chirac. Next, Mazarelle is called to investigate a murder in one of the inners in the Paris Canal. A previous policeman and now a private investigator is hanging by his foot with a Tarot card of a man hanging by his foot. The reader is off to solve this and other crimes. I love the short chapters as we meet many characters along the way. I suggest you make a character list to keep track of everyone. You will find this to quick, fun read. I could definitely see this series become a series to appear on Acorn or Netflix. My thanks to Double Day and Bookishfirst for an ARC of this book. The opinions in this review are my own.