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Maybe it is just me and I am just out of my mystery phase, but I wasn't super interested in this book to be honest. I think that die hard proponents of the mystery genre may appreciate this book more than I did, but I wouldn't say it fit my taste at the moment. The book itself is fairly well written and I think the characters are well developed enough, but there was just something that left me fairly unimpacted by the storyline itself. I kind of have a similar opinion of the cover, as it is well created and fits the book perfectly, making more sense with the more you read the story, but something about this book cover is kind of just off putting to me. Then again, I haven't been into this genre as a whole for a while, so there definitely is some underlying bias involved so take my words with a grain of salt. Like I said, if you enjoy mystery, try it but if not maybe reach for something else.