Intriguing Mystery

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First of all, this book had great cover art. If I saw it in the store, I'd definitely pick it up.

I'd never read anything by this author, but I enjoyed the writing overall. I love a book that's quotable and this book definitely has those quotable moments.

The characters were developed well and at the perfect pace to keep things mysterious while still raising the stakes.

It take me a minute to adjust to reading about the French judicial system as I primarily read American crime stories, but it was refreshing. I believe the author did a great job outlining everything without a lot of info dumping.

The mystery was definitely twisty, and I appreciated the effort it must have taken the author to drop hints only occasionally.

Fair warning: this book is the second in a series. I did not know this, and even though it didn't prevent me from enjoying the book, I might have enjoyed it more had I known.