fast paced thriller

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First of all, I love the cover! This is a fast paced thriller with short chapters that make it an easy read. There's a murder mystery and the killer always leaves a calling card...a tarot card. We follow a detective through the streets of Paris to solve the mystery and catch a killer.
While I normally don't like books in a detective point of view, this one was okay. Although I didn't realize until after I read it, that this was part of a series. That said, this can easily be read as a stand alone. There are quit a few characters introduced so if you're someone that get's them confused easily, I suggest taking notes.
Overall, a good read but didn't exactly wow me. I was hoping for something with a little more excitement and twists and turns. Still, I think that for someone that loves books from a cop/detective point of view, this would be worth picking up.