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I didn't expect to enjoy this, but I ended up loving it! Instead of just being a thriller like I was expecting, it turned into a legal thriller that really made me think.

My favorite thing about this was definitely the characters. Emily was an amazing main character, I loved her so much. She was an inspiration, and I loved spending time inside her head. Watching her defend herself in the courtroom had me on the edge of my seat, and it was something completely different than I had read before.

Even better is the side characters. Rebecca, Paula, Leslie, and Lucas all had their own distinct personalities, and I loved them. I hate it when books have one dimensional side characters, and this book avoided that so well. Every character was complex, and it was amazing.

I do want to mention that even though this is book 2 in a series, I read it as a standalone. I honestly feel like I preferred that experience, because I came in completely blind to Emily's attitude. I'm not a real fan of thrillers, so I'm not sure how much i would've enjoyed book 1. I may go back and read it, but this read perfectly as a standalone

Id definitely recommend this to fans of legal thrillers! I was caught unaware by several twists, which is something I always love. This was a great book!

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