The Girl in Cell 49B

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This book, the second installment in the Emily Calby series, updates readers about what Emily has been up to since we last saw her. Emily goes from travelling around the country in an RV with Lucas to being incarcerated in a juvenile detention facility fighting murder charges. Yet another tumultuous and traumatic turn in Emily's life.

I really struggled with the first book in this series quite a lot. I did not really like Emily and I found a lot of the book to be pretty unbelievable and far-fetched. I am happy to say, this book is a pretty drastic improvement over the first. Emily is believeable and much more likeable. She is able to make connections, and meaningful ones, with people in her life. This book was also more believable in general, outside of Emily. It was clear the author spent a fair amount of time researching law, the juvenile justice system, etc. I also really appreciated the author's note that he had to take a few liberties with certain elements to make the story work. I saw some of those, but they weren't objectionable. I am now really excited and curious to learn what else (if anything) happens to Emily!