Stunning thriller!

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Okay so i absolutely loved this book! I did not realize it was a book in a series so im definitely going to go back and read the first one to see if it provides any insight on what happened in this book.
Emily Calby, is 16 and she is detained for murder allegedly. Life in juvenile hall is way different than Emilys normal life or what's normal for her anyway. The murder case was definitely very thrilling, twisty, and had some very unexpected details!
While in juvenile hall, alone with no support, s he arranges to be assigned to work in the prison library. She makes just eighteen cents an hour but she finds a law library, where she begins arming herself with knowledge that will become essential!
Throughout the novel, and especially in the courtroom scenes, Box manages to straddle the line between dark intensity and humor in this most unusual legal thriller. Emily's wry humor is ever present, but even in its most audacious moments, The Girl in Cell 49B is always believable. An absolute must read for everyone!