Strength and resiliency

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The Girl in Cell 43B is the sequel to The Hiding Girl. Do yourself a favor and definitely read The Hiding Girl first. I flew through both books in a combined four days. The Hiding Girl is very fast-paced and introduces the reader to Emily and Lucas. The Girl in Cell 43B slows down a bit, but does not disappoint.

The Girl in Cell 43B continues Emily/Alice's journey. Emily is stronger than ever, but still very damaged from the murder of her mother and sister. Her fiery attitude gets her in trouble, but that same fire and focus save her throughout the story. We see her continue to exact her version of justice on those that wrong her. This time she not only uses her body, but also her mind to solve conflicts.

In this book Emily is still very guarded, but we see her start to let her guard down and slowly trust those around her.

I highly recommend this book!!!!