Perfect sequel

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Emily has had a horrible series of troubles. Her mother and sister were assaulted and murdered in the first book. Emily barely escaped. She was on the streets and finally taken in my a very smart and caring man. To say she got revenge on the ones that did what was done in the first book is to put it mildly. She is a very strong and resilient young girl. But she does go through a lot. Some pretty bad things almost happened to her but she escaped. Now she will have to face the consequences of that. Even though we know it's not her fault. She acted in pure self defense. Only doing what she had no other choice but to do.

Now Emily is on trial and we root for her all over again. The prosecutor is a horrible, crooked, sorry excuse for a human being. He doesn't care why Emily did what she did. He just wants to win no matter what. Will she get justice for all the things that happened to her in her young life or will she get life? Can things possibly keep getting worse for her?

This book continues Emily's story and will have you weeping in part. Very angry in other parts. And definitely rooting for her overall. She's so easy to love. No matter what she does it's for survival. This book will pull at your heartstrings. No doubt about that.