Loved it!!!!!!!!!!

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I read the first one and really liked it so I was excited to read the second installment and was not disappointed!! I actually think I like the second part even more!! Lucas is an awesome character and I love how he is always in Emily's corner. This book definitely put more focus on just Emily and I really liked how it got down to the raw edges of who she was to who she became! So many good lessons and had a lot of empowering situations going throughout the book. I think my favorite was how Emily finally took her identity back and became herself again and let Alice seemingly disappear. Emily really stepped up for Rachel and I was so happy with justice being served for that. Some of this was predictable and could be seen coming, but that didn't take away from the awesome storyline execution or great wording with the writing!!! The unraveling of Leslie was amazingly and wittingly written!! Way to go this hit it out of the park!!!!