I really liked this book

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This is the second book that I have read by this author and the second book I have read in this particular series. I liked that the book neatly tied into where the first book ended, yet was completely it's own book in many ways. This was a more tamed down Emily, but she is still the same resourceful and quick witted girl from the first book. The prison system is strangely compelling, yet seemed to lack authority in some ways. The corruption was definitely present, but removed from the story. I feel that the prison should have been more of a presence in the book. I feel it would have added to the suspense and drama. It kind of felt that prison was a free for all and that there was no supervision unless it was convenient to a plot point. I found this to be strange. Emily is once again brash and seems to lack a filter, but it seems to work for her and get her where she needs to go. Thanks for the ARC, NetGalley.