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Emily Calby's family was murdered right in front of her eyes and she was left as the sole survivor at age twelve. She disappears and goes "missing" from society. In The Girl In Cell 49B, the second book in the series, Emily finds herself in a predicament and is arrested and sent to a juvenile prison. As she adjusts to living in prison, she takes on a job helping out in the prison library, where she finds a room filled wall-to-wall with law textbooks. She begins tirelessly researching The Law in an attempt to set herself and a boy she has befriended free.

This is the second book in the Emily Calby series and even though I haven't read the first one, this one still made sense and worked well as a standalone book. There were some aspects of the book that felt unbelievable and would most likely not happen in real life but overall, it was an enjoyable book.