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Some people enjoy a quiet, sheltered, life of "normalcy". For Emily Calby life has been anything but sheltered ever since the day that her mother and sister were murdered. She barely escaped and has been looking over her shoulder ever since. With the help of her chosen family, Lucas and Kiona, Emily was taught to embrace the ability to fight rather than being forced to simply take flight when faced with harrowing experiences. Emily's skills are a blessing as much as a potential curse because she grows careless when angered. This ultimately lands her in one hell of a predicament. With help from Lucas, a librarian named Mava, her public defender, and her cellmate Rebecca, Emily eventually comes to terms with the fact that in order to succeed - long-term - in life she will need to control her anger and embrace and maneuver through the very system that nearly destroyed her. She's more capable than most realize and possesses a strength that she needs to fully embrace in order to heal and grow forward. I'm not sure what the future holds for Emily Calby, but I hope the world starts treating her better than it has thus far. I'm looking forward to reading more about Emily and Lucas in the future.

Thank you to Bookishfirst for the ARC!