Emily Calby Is Back

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Emily Calby is back. Only this time she's a little older, a lot more violent, but still slightly naive. But don't worry, prison cures that naivety right up.

We begin Emily's second story kind of where we left off in the first book. It's her and Lucas on the move living in a trailer. They've been doing decently well at keeping a low profile until Emily's anger gets the best of her and she's caught with a weapon leading police to connect her to a murder in Louisiana she committed in Book 1 in self defense.

In the detention center, Emily meets a roommate who she instinctively feels the need to protect because she is reminded of the sister she lost, a bully who's mad at the world but only because the world screwed her over, and a boy who would become Emily's first crush and first heartbreak.

Emily's trial is a doozy and Box does an excellent job in my opinion of capturing the whole procedure and keeping the reader invested in the case. The way he writes how Emily copes with everything is done really well also. Box even goes as far as picking apart the corruption of juvenile detention centers and prisons all over. Box also has a way of captivating you for the entirety of specific scenes and although there are a good amount of those scenes I didn't find myself consistently captivated.

Overall I enjoyed this second installment in the Emily Calby series and I love that Emily learned so much about law in this story and how we can see her future as a lawyer a believable, strong possibility.

"Everyone loses sometimes, every single thing in the world loses, but not the law. I decided the only way to stand a chance is--"
"Know the law."