5 Neck Knife Review!

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I thought "The Hiding Girl" couldn't be topped... and then I read "The Girl in Cell 49B". Dorian Box is a master at ensuring the readers' emotional attachment to the characters, especially (of course) Emily Calby.

When I first read the summary of this installment, I worried. I don't want my Emily locked in a cell! I don't want her to have to fight her way out of the injustice system. More importantly, I'm a lawyer who hates being a lawyer and I don't want to read another book that gets the whole process wrong for the sake of churning out a book. I was happily mistaken about this book. 'The Girl in Cell 49B" not only nails the legal procedure, but it accurately conveys the desperation and despair of a litigant who simply doesn't have the resources to properly defend herself. The courtroom scenes were riveting and also, at time, hysterical.

On to the prison: as usual, Emily Calby distinguished herself from the bad element by which she was surrounded. She's a good person who was victimized by evil and then reacted in bad ways. She will not let that define her. She is one of my favorite characters I've read in a long time.

Readers absolutely HAVE TO read the first book before this book. It's a win-win really.