Em's still got a temper!

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You've heard the expression, 'chip on her shoulder'? Emily Calby, aka Alice Black, doesn't just carry a chip, but the saw required to take it down as well! I've been a fan ever since reading book one, "The Hiding Girl". This twelve-year-old blew my mind when she almost single-handedly took revenge against the two men who murdered her mom and little sister. Her newly acquired friend and watchdog, Lucas, taught her skills to survive almost anything.
Except for the law.
The Girl in Cell 49B promises to be another rollercoaster ride as Emily faces the consequences of yet another justified homicide. If ever a man deserved to die, it was Scott Brooks, the smooth-talking salesman whose intention was to rape, murder, and bury the defenseless Emily. Unfortunately for him, he would come face to face with her quick mind and sharp blade of her neck-knife Lucas insisted she carries tucked in her bra. He taught her to be swift and precise.
One thing is certain, Emily is a survivor. And prison is just one more wall she must tear down. It's bound to be one heck of a journey with lots of drama. I can hardly wait to read it!