Book 2 Locked Up

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I was hesitant and worried that I wouldn't get grabbed into the story since I have not read the first book Hiding Girl. Luckily The Girl in Cell 49B had flash backs from the first book to clue me in a little.
Emily Calby's story seems to continue in this second novel. She is now using an alias, Alice Black, celebrating her real 16th birthday while on the run. She seems to be running from something then as the book climaxes you learn she is wanted for murder for the 2 men that killed her family. She is locked up and goes to trail and found guilty. That is where it is left at.
I so want to find out what happens. Does she get exonerated or does her past and how she dealt with it cause this troubled girl to never recover and always be a lost cause?
I really want to read the Hiding Girl now because it seems like a fascinating series.