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So I am a huge Gailey fan. I have read most of what they have gotten published. I have laughed so hard I have cried over their snail issues and had strong feelings about noodles with them. I knew that I needed to read this book, didn’t even read a single word of the description. When the clone was revealed I was floored, but honestly that is in the description so I am probably alone in that feeling.

The book itself reads very quickly, like a lot of Gailey’s works. The big difference is this did not feel like a Gailey book. There are some authors that you read them and there is just this incredibly distinct style where if you are given a paragraph or two you can tell exactly which author wrote it. Gailey has been that sort of author for me, but then this book appeared. This is very different than their other books to the point it felt like a totally new author. I also loved this author, but it was wild to see just how different this was from anything else Gailey has written.

This was a wild ride, but also felt incredibly controlled. I loved the MC, not because she was a good person, but because she was so consistently her. She felt complex and difficult. She sounded both terrible and awesome. I loved that there really wasn’t a character that was super flat, except maybe Nathan. Even Martine, the clone, was complex. Some of Martine’s complexity was clone stuff, but some of it was the way that Evelyn saw her or didn’t see her.

Every time I though the big drama had been had, there was another little hiccup. Some of the hiccups were moral, some were murder. I was afraid that the ending would reveal that Evelyn really was the clone the whole time, but thankfully Gailey managed to avoid that trap that so many thriller books have that are really obnoxious. The ending hurt my heart and soul in this really wonderful way. I was very impressed every step of the way with this book, but the ending alone was five stars.

I really recommend this book. It is complex and seemingly gentle book that really is a lot at once