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Evelyn Caldwell is a woman of science. She loves her husband, Nathan, but her heart lies primarily with her biological research in clone development. She doesn't want children but her husband does. He wants the big happy family experience. Evelyn just wants to be left to her own devices in her own lab space to conduct her research without lab directors breathing down her neck just so she can get the funding she needs.

Enter Martine. Evelyn's clone created by Nathan to replace Evelyn and give him what he wants in a wife. From here we spiral into a world of what should be impossibilities in science to murderous intentions.

My favorite part was the journey Gailey takes us through making a clone from scratch and how a true clone requires more than just pressing a few buttons once the DNA of the original is had like we see in most sci-fi movies or novels with a clone trope.

The thriller aspect was semi there but not enough to really put it directly in that genre bracket for me. Definitely whole heartedly sci-fi though with an eerie undertone.

I liked this story and it was definitely unique but I was also kind of underwhelmed after about the half way point.