Unique Sci-Fi Thriller

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I read a lot of thrillers, but not very many science fiction. This book sounded like a nice mix of both worlds and I must say I did enjoy it. It was a quick read and I think it could easily be picked up and work well as to a mini series/movie. I felt that it wasn't too heavy on the science and that what science was discussed was thoroughly explained.

The protagonist is Evelyn. She has established a successful career with her work on cloning. Her work is her life and has all her focus. This pushes her husband, Nathan, away. She also isn't particularly likable. Martine on the other hand is likable and is as opposite as can be while still being a clone. Martine is sweet and focused on building a family with Nathan. The women had a very unique relationship and I enjoyed their interactions and watching Martine grow. The ending did leave me wanting a little more, but overall I thought this was a very thought-provoking yet entertaining novel.

Thanks to BookishFirst for an ARC of this book in exchange for my honest review.