The Echo Wife Review

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I have been wanting to read this book i think since it came out, thank you hoopla for adding this book to my library this year!! This was a rollercoaster for sure and i was not sure where this went. Had a short moment of deja vu when i found out he married his wifes clone and for the life of me i can not think of what book i was thinking of but his wife was a robot clone not like whatever genetic weirdness this wife was lmao I was also happy to say i REALLY liked this book while the other one was... eh. It almost ended the same way but the ending of this one was *chef kiss*!

When Clone Wife started with the " we can just made a clone" i was like oh no clones together what's gonna happen now. Then when she was all "now we have to kill the clone" and i was just like what? but!? And then it came around to a truly awesome ending that i loved! would recommend and buy, possible even reread.