So Crazy!

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This story was so crazy! At first I thought I knew where this story was going but then wow it took off and then that was it, I was hooked! Evelyn is an amazing award-winning scientist who is doing a lot of ground-breaking work. She is married to or was married to a man named Nate. She was until he left her for her clone. But the clone is different. Nate created her the way he wanted Evelyn to be. That is until the clone realizes that she is seen as someone who doesn't have a choice. Until she makes her choice. At that point Evelyn gets involved in order to protect her hard-work and ensure it doesn't ruin the career she has worked so hard and sacrificed for. I won't go into the details of how Evelyn gets Martine (her clone) out of this crazy mess but it's good and clean. I felt truly satisfied by the end of this story and I actually really found the ending comforting. I would definitely recommend! A different kind of thriller that anyone will enjoy!