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This amazing thriller had surprises upon surprises. I tried to put myself in Evelyn's shoes to see how I would react to the problems that she faced throughout the book. The narratives that helped us understand Evelyns' childhood were very much needed to see where her thoughts and actions had come from. I could not imagine how anyone could be so selfish as Nathan was. Having to create new clones to fit his needs is far too self-centered. I kept loving Martine because even though she was made for a specific purpose, she was in a way herself, unique. Nathan's clone decision to go to Evelyn for help, made me realize how there are people that are lonely and don't know where to get help. I was just confused at the fact that Evelyn's mother had killed the father or did he run away. I loved the ending. It could have not been any more perfect. I wish I could live with a better version of myself, haha.