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Sci Fi Thrill Journey

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This was a sci-fi thrill journey that will blow your mind. It tests the limits of how much imagination you have and scares you when you think of this technology ever existing. Who knows, it could very well exist and we aren’t privy to it...yet. Author Gailey really has done her research & definitely knows her science. So well written, I always found each page to be intriguing as it always had you questioning what was next and asking, what if? I feel the characters were very completely developed and each one has the ability to surprise you; no matter how well you know them. This is a book that I couldn’t put down because it is one addictive read.
Young and in love Evelyn & Nathan Caldwell end up marrying and follow the dreams of Evelyn’s Award winning research to clone humans to harvest them in a manner to ethically save other lives and dispose of the bio waste after researching in the lab. Long hours, long days that eventually turns Nathan resentful. He has always longed for a family and to have a child. But it is nowhere in Evelyn’s future with the strides in science she is making. And it isn’t long before Evelyn catches him cheating. With the identical clone that Nathan made of Evelyn.

Little did Evelyn know just how much Nathan was paying attention at her work when he did come and assisted her and brought her food. Sneaking peaks at her notes, there’s no telling what someone of Nathan’s caliber is capable of doing. But one thing is known soon enough; Nathan is dead! And Evelyn gets a call from her clone Martine to come as quick as possible and Evelyn just can’t find it in herself to turn away. She goes to Martine to help and what they find out and must do to keep them both safe is now a game of ethics & survival.