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Intriguing Concept!

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Evelyn Caldwell is a scientist who has been working with the concept of cloning for years. While her work in the lab is progressing smoothly, her life outside of the lab is nonexistent. She and her husband, Nathan, recently got divorced after she discovered that he created a replica of her. Now he lives with Evelyn's clone, Martine, and they have a seemingly perfect life together. Until they don't, and Evelyn is left to pick up the pieces.

I loved the concept of The Echo Wife. Part science-fiction and part thriller, the idea behind the story was completely intriguing. Unfortunately, the overall story fell short for me. I was left with more questions than answers upon reaching the end of the book, and I thought there were some plot holes that could be filled. I did enjoy the characters and seeing Evelyn and Martine figure out how to interact with one another. There were also some intense moments in the plot; the ending is what really got me! Although The Echo Wife was more of an average read for me, I would still recommend picking it up as the story is so unique from anything else I have ever read.