Five Cloning-Dilemma Stars

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Five cloning-dilemma stars for this new sci-fi title with a thriller undertone. Ever since Dolly the sheep, cloning has been in our global conversation. Should we clone people, though. The ethical implications are infinite. As you know from reading the synopsis, a scientist discovers that her husband has cloned her with some deviations and is now having an affair with the new and improved Evelyn -- named Martine. Theoretically the clone should stay in her lane, but she doesn't and that sets in motion a domino effect that could threaten Evelyn's life's work. As we learn more about the cloning lab, we start to realize some of the reasons for creating clones while understanding the soul-killing effects that speak against it. Since Martine is pregnant, there is also some exploration of the abortion debate -- which, to be fair is inextricably linked to the issue of cloning. What constitutes a life? Who gets to be in charge? Flashbacks to Evelyn's childhood illuminate many of adult Evelyn's choices to the very end. If you liked 'The Perfect Wife' by J.P. Delaney and Blake Crouch's last two titles, this one is for you.