A book I did not know I needed!

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I listened to the audiobook for this one and man was it fun. I usually just listen on my commute but I listened to as fast I could. I could not get enough of this book. The writing was written through eyes of the ever pessimistic Evelyn Caldwell. She is a scientist who works with cloning. Her lab created clones for things like transplants and body doubles. They were meant to be a part time thing. Once the clones usefulness ran dry they would be killed. They were lab rats with no rights.

Evelyn's Ex Husband Nathan undenounced to Evelyn created a clone of Evelyn. Mind you it was a modified clone that had all of Evelyn's great features that Nathan loved and some that he wished she had.

The book is a constant struggle between ethics and covering up loose ends while discovering other loose ends.

This was an amazing ride that introduced me to an author I had yet to discover.