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I won a copy of this book from BookishFirst. With the way that this book was described, I thought that it book would have more action. I did not really like the ending either.

John Milton is Number One in Group 15 of the Firm - a group of assassins - until he gets tired of the work and calls it quits, but no one quits the Firm. Unbeknownst to him, Milton is being hunted by Number Twelve in the background. In the main story, Milton rescues a woman from being run over by a train and makes it his mission to help her and her son Elijah who is falling in with the local gang. Elijah does not want anything to do with Milton, especially when he sleeps with Elijah's mom. Milton eventually gets Elijah involved with boxing at a local ring. After Milton takes out one of the heads of the gang and things are beginning to get quieter, Number Twelve strikes. Who will come out alive?