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This book is good and fast paced, but Milton makes some questionable decisions such as not throwing away his government issued cell phone. He also doesn't seem to have a hidden stash of money and backup ID papers that he could use if he left the Group. I would think he would have left the country and disappeared on another continent. Milton does remind me of Robert McCall, the central character of The Equalizer, a show that ran in the 1980s. He doesn't seem to understand how vicious gangs can be. He does want to help people but ends up hurting them. At the end, Rutherford, who runs the boxing club gets killed by Twelve, a Group member. We don't know what happens to the boxing club. What about Elijah? Does he make it as a boxer or does he wind up a gang member? What about Sharon? Does she survive or do her injuries eventually kill her? Bizness, the bad guy dies, but the new bad guy takes his place. The story just stops dead at the end. Why did Milton hang around at the end instead of leaving right away? If he did, Rutherford would still be alive. Does Elijah think Milton killed Rutherford? There are threads left hanging. I think the story would have worked better if Milton had been a retired SAS member, not an assassin. The Group doesn't seem to go all out to kill him. I would think that Twelve would have been ordered to track him down and kill him right away, not just observe Milton's activity. The story might also have worked better if it was Elijah's story without an assassin involved because there are good observations about gang culture, endemic poverty, a feeling of "dead end life," and how hard it is to escape. The reader sees the feeling of being trapped and having no future. Finally, Milton should never have slept with Sharon, almost ruining his relationship with Elijah.