Government assassin wants to quit

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This story was ok. I don’t think it was exactly what I was looking for as I did expect more action throughout. This was a depressing look of gang life in London which I am sure is a real issue, but most of the book had nothing to do with the very interesting character of John Milton. I was very intrigued about a government assassin that one day decides he doesn’t want to kill people anymore. That’s not your everyday story. While the basic premiss of trained bad ass protects innocent people who have no idea has been done usually the government or agency controlling the assassin does something to piss them off. The thought that it would impact a good person’s mental health to the point that they had to draw the line was interesting and had so much potential for a story. That’s the story I was hoping for. Most of this story was about Elijah and while I do think he was worthy of a story of his own it wasn’t the story I picked up. And honestly with how it ends it was kind of pointless and sort of showed that you can’t change circumstances or help. The writing was good and there was a spark of an idea in the character of John Milton so I will read the next book if I come across it.