Fast, Action Packed

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The Cleaner was a pretty decent book, it was good because it was very fast-paced - and that always helps a book. Keeping the pace it kept me interested throughout and never left me bored. This was the first book that I have read from Mark Dawson and I thought that he did a really great job. The book's story wasn't super unique, but it was really well done and was very interesting. I enjoyed the story of John and all of the crazy things that went on in this book - a government assassin now being the target? I was so down for this book. I wouldn't say that it was a disappointment, but I also wouldn't say that this was the greatest thing I've ever read. It had its ups and downs, and its super great moments - so I did fly through this read with ease. Overall, it was a good story and I think I might enjoy more from this author or from this series. The cover of the book was also really nice, it drew me in.