Disappointing thriller

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I love a good spy/assassin thriller, especially when they decide to grow a conscience and break free from the agency that is controlling them. That is what I was hoping this book would be. Sadly that is not the case. It starts out good but then gets bogged down when John gets involved with trying to guide Elijah back onto a good path instead of losing himself to the LFBs and the badness that is Bizness. It just didn't flow smoothly between that and John "retiring". I think this could have been two separate books. Plus, there is no resolution with Elijah and his mother before John goes on the run again. Not a fan of that.

I will not be reading any more of this series if the next books follow the same line. Which is too bad, because as a character by himself, John Milton is very interesting. The series should actually focus more on him (since they are supposed to be about him after all), not the other characters.