A little odd

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I won a copy of this book. It started pretty slow and I had difficulty getting through it.
John, the main character was a government assassin. He ends up going into hiding after a botched job and lands himself in a not so great area where he saves a woman, Sharon from being killed on the railroad tracks. She confides in John that she is worried about her son, Elijah because he’s in a gang. Elijah has not had and easy life and John decided to take him under his wing to try to help Elijah.
John meets his friend Rutherford at an AA meeting. Rutherford runs a gym which offers boxing lessons. John connects Elijah to Rutherford who teaches Elijah how to box to get him out of that gang.
The book was very dark, depressing and at times, boring. John is a lost soul who is trying to make amends for his past mistakes but the relationship the author creates with these two characters doesn’t work. Not a book I’d choose to read the sequel to.