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You can smell the alleyways. You can feel the pain in your feet from ill fitting shoes. You can hear the rumble in your stomach from being hungry.
You can hear the clickety clack of the train as it moves on down the track. Carrying you further and further away from what you're so familiar with. Now, can't you hear what the young train rider is feeling, experiencing and thinking? Is it fear? Is it anxiety? Is it the too small shoes? Or is it all of these things rolled up into one big ball of tension deep inside his gut? He ponders not just What the future will hold for him, but what that'll mean for his mother too!

As he grows, he realizes his previous life is less than appealing at home and he's a bit conflicted about wanting to be with her ......but he realizes that he must go, go back as he knows it will help him continue to grow and prosper. And not ever feel that pang of hunger or wear illfitting shoes ever again.

There were some sloooow moving parts in this book. I'll not tell you otherwise. And yes, there were times I just wanted to close the book and let it rest. But found myself slogging on, hoping the pace picked up again. All in all however, you'll find some happiness with some sadness around the outer edges of the story. There is some bittersweet endings within .

As I did find this to be nicely written and it did do as all books that are 3.5 -5 star worthy, it makes you want more! So, if Viola hasn't penned more of this type of story ,or can't follow-up on this one (see how Amerigo is/had fared)- perhaps then we should research more ourselves for stories in this vein.

Will you like this story? I can't answer that for you, but I did. Will you think it's worth your time knowing there are some slow moving parts in the story? Again, I can't say for you. But for me, yes-yes it was.

So if you're so inclined, grab a good cup of java juice(or tea), settle in and dive in. Cheers!!----P/