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Stunning story of loss

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I absolutely loved this book it was intriguing from the very beginning and I almost read the whole book in one night. I couldn't wait to see what happened and if the children would be reunited with their parents and if they truly were going to be taken care of and given all the things they had never had before. The Children's Train is a wonderful book full of tragedy and desires to have what the children have always longed for. This book is based on true events in post world war 2 Italy and is about poor children that are sent to live with families up north that can care for them. Amerigo Esperanza lives with his mother and they survive by doing odd jobs. Amerigo is then taken to the North where he lives with Derna and thrives with his adopted family. Over half way through the book swaps to 50 years later and we see how Amerigo grew up.

I loved the innocence of the Amerigos voice through the book and almost wished it would have continued on rather than jumping 50 years ahead.