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Pulls at the heartstrings

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You can't help but take the main character, Amerigo, into your heart while reading this book. As a child, he is dealt the hand of being sent to another country to live with another family. He handles it with a grace most adults I know could not express. It was particularly heart wrenching when he is able to return home, and due to the conditions there he then chooses to return to his new family. He wanted to feel loved and safe and knew his birth mother could not provide that for him. He would not return again until he became an adult.

I normally read coming of age stories that feature a female lead, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading about Amerigo and the events that shaped him. It was very poignant to read of his realizations about himself and his birth mother after he becomes an adult. I think at that point deep down he feels and realizes the love his birth mother had for him all along but was unable to express.