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This type of novel is different then what I am used to, but I enjoyed the first impression a lot more than expected. I like the way the young Italian boy narrates the story. The writing makes it feel as if an 8 year old boy truly is telling his story. I’m more known to reading fantasy or romance novels but every now and then I can enjoy a well written historical novel. Also the writing style is somewhat funny and new to me because i’ve only read a few books with the point of view from a child. I’m actually pretty interested in purchasing this novel if i’m given the chance. I’d like to deepen my way into historical novels more because I feel like I could learn something from them.

The novel’s first impression opens up with a young Italian boy and his mother in Italy. It uses much repetition i’m assuming to show the point of view from a child better. It briefly explains the “train” in the first few chapters then later explains more.