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I cried in the first 89 pages!

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I knew I would love this book when I saw it. This is my favorite genre...is that cheating?

And I did love it! The year is 1946 in southern Italy. Starvation and cold is an everyday battle. The storey is told by a 7 year old, almost 8, named Amerigo and he is wise beyond his years. His mamma is preoccupied with her lover and is mostly cold and indifferent to Ameri. But there is love between them even if his mamma fights it.

This book is well written as are most book from this author. The characters are well established and it's easy to follow the story. Ameri lives with his mamma in Naples and several children from this town end up on the children's train. On the day the children are to board the train and leave, other women from the town come to protest and shame the mammas for "giving their children away". It's a sad and scary time.

I can't wait to finish this book!