Heartbreaking and Beautiful

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I really enjoyed The Children's Train. The majority of the novel is told through the perspective of seven-year-old Amerigo. I loved this approach. His narration was heartfelt, honest, and even humorous in some places. His story is based on true events that took place in Italy after WW2. Amerigo lives with his mother in a poorer area of Naples and along with a train full of other children is sent to live with more prosperous families in the north for the winter. When Spring arrives, Amerigo is then sent back home to his mother. This experience changes the way Amerigo views himself, his family, and even his country. How he deals with these changes, affects the course of his life and has lasting effects on those he is closest to. In the final part of the novel, years have passed and Amerigo is now an adult. Drawn back to his childhood home, Amerigo must reconcile the choices he has made and decide how to move forward. Well written, with complex and vivid characters, I would definitely recommend The Children's Train.